Here at Darkzone Laval we provide you with a wide variety of events and game packages. From daycamps for children to school outings, Darkzone Laval always have some excitement brewing.

We offer competitive packages for sports teams, groups, private parties, birthdays, corporate outings and all your entertainment needs.

Make sure to check out the pricing page to see just how affordable and easy to make your event a Darkzone event.


     Birthday Parties


Birthday parties at Darkzone always turn out to be a great and unique experience for kids. You get unlimited laser tag, a private party room for the family and invites, all you can eat pizza, a hostess in the party room, and above all a wonderful, unique, experience that will leave you with greats memories of the party.

The birthday package includes the following:

Unlimited laser tag, a private party room for 45 minutes that includes pizza (cheese, pepperoni cheese, vegetarian, all-dressed) and soft drinks. A refrigerator is available for you should you decide to bring a birthday cake, all the plates and utensils needed, a hostess to help with the meal and plenty of ambience to satisfy the entire party!

*A special note on ages. Players must be 6 years or older. Should any younger brothers or sisters want to tag along and come to the party there is no charge for the little ones, and normally the stimulating quality of the lobby (flashing lights, fog, dance music, ect) keeps them quite content and happy while the older ones go to play laser tag.

    .:.     Unlimited Laser Tag (anywhere from 4 hours or the entire day!)

.:.        Private Birthday Party room for 45 minutes, including the Pizza meal (cheese, pepperoni-cheese, vegetarian, or All-Dressed) and your beverage choice of soft drinks.

.:.    A refrigerator is available should you wish to bring a Birthday Cake

.:.    All the plates, utensils and napkins requires for the meal.

We now offer free wireless Internet access (WiFi) for those parents that bring a portable laptop with them that have some catching up to do with work while your kids play out their day at Darkzone!

     Day Camps   

Day camps are welcome at Darkzone. Whether you are a day care centre, or on a school field trip we can accommodate up to 160 campers at the same time. Call for availability and rates. Our fully bilingual guides will make for a fantastic outing for your group. Reservations are mandatory. Available Monday to Friday, 9:30 / 4:00pm.

      Ped Days  

Darkzone is USUALLY open from 9am on school Ped days. As all school boards have greatly modified the Ped Day calendar, please call in advance to ascertain whether we are open for that particular day or not.

     Corporate Party   

Organize a night out with your company! A great place to build team spirit. Have your shipping department play against the secretaries and delivery people. Or better yet, have a three team game. Management always seems to lose these games!

     Sports Teams  

Whether you are a Hockey, Football, Soccer, Baseball or other sports group, you played hard all season, and no matter whether you won or lost, you tried your best. Now that the season is over, why not have an end of season party at Darkzone. Come and play one last day with your teammates, just for fun! We offer a complete package with a large banquet room and  meal that is perfect to wrap up any season for a team. Don't for get all the great spectators (brothers, sisters, friends) who were out there rooting for the team all season - Darkzone has room for them too. Our capacity is 60 players per game!


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