Daycamps at Darkzone!





Daycamps at Darkzone!


                                                                                                                    Daycamps :

The Darkzone Daycamp package is a great activity for both Daycamps and Schools. Laser Tag is a fun, energetic activity that all kids love. It is a mix of sport and recreation - and a wonderful alternative to sitting in front of a videogame console!

The kids get to spend an entire day (10am - 4pm) at the site, and play an unlimited amount of games (rotation wait sometimes apply). Your group will come in, get a group photo taken, and then embark on a fantastic fun-filled day of Laser Tag. Darkzone games start one after the other, with approximately 60 second delay between games - so you get the most fun out of the entire day.

This package is also great for school Daycare, where on a school pedagogical day, group outings for the kids is a real treat. It is also a great activity to add to your school options for the 'Field Trip or Sports Day', where trips to various venues are offered. As it is indoors, and warm, it is a great cold weather activity.

Whether you are a summer Daycamp, school Daycare, or school outing activity, Darkzone is the right activity for you!

We have also implemented the following feature in regard to this package. As many schools and daycamps come from Laval, just because you have to leave with the group at 4:00 is no problem. Keep your Darkzone Wristband and after supper at home, you can come back and play during the evening! Free! (You can only return on the same day as the initial visit)

To see some groups that have already spent a day at Darkzone, click here.

Hope to see you and your Camp soon!   

The following conditions apply to DayCamp rates:

                            ● Groups MUST consist of 15 players or more

                            ● Every player entering the Arena MUST wear a bracelet

                            ● Reservation are mandatory (minimum 7 days in advance)

                            ● Payment MUST be completed prior to game play via Credit Card, debit or cash

                            ● Invoicing can ONLY be obtained with prior faxed purchase order, duly signed